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This Whole Place Is Mind

This Whole Place Is Mind

Brandon Thomas on the wild ride of expanding your reality, claiming the power of your attention, and amping up your light in the darkness

Brandon Thomas is in full alignment with his purpose of conscious awakening. His ever present mission of "giving people back to themselves" has presented itself as breakthrough opportunities to expand ever deeper into the mysteries that fuel his curiosity which in turn, fuels his creativity.

He can also be found hosting stimulating conversations with his podcast Expanding Reality. Whose mantra is "The expansion of consciousness cleverly disguised as a podcast."

Brandon is also the Founder/Reality Expander of Ridiginal Publishing. Who is committed to "Empowering and Amplifying the Voices and Visions of Ridiculously Original Authors and Creators.

I’m a huge fan of Brandon’s podcast. I love his openness, his creativity, his willingness to question everything, and his in-depth conversations exploring who we are, where we are, and how we can access our power and freedom in this realm.

Brandon and I connected via a beautiful synchronicity in the form of our friend Cate Montana (thanks, Cate!).

I was thrilled to get to talk with him, and our conversation was wide-ranging, DEEP, at times emotional, and of course very expansive. We discussed:

  • How Brandon got started on his path of expanding reality;

  • The link between trauma and awakening;

  • The influence of Archons, entities and demons;

  • How to find your power in the “soul trap”;

  • Brandon’s dark night of the soul and crisis of faith;

  • Absurdism as an antidote to nihilism;

  • Your attention as your “true currency” in this realm;

  • The “Thought Ninja” Brandon employs to defend his mind from Archonic attacks;

  • And much more!

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Brandon’s books:

Expanding Reality | Expanded Insight and Episodic Reflection | Volume 001. A companion handbook to the podcast Expanding Reality

Expansion Journal Series. This is a Mindfully Expansive look at self. This series encourages critical thinking and invites true self actualization.


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