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The Power of Living Your True Life Path

The Power of Living Your True Life Path

Meggan Wilson on being a creative rebel and stepping into a bigger life

Meggan Wilson (aka Meghan March) is a world-class storyteller and creative rebel. Known for over 41 bingeable books (including several bestsellers), Meggan is passionate about inspiring a healthier mind, body and soul through positive inspiration. Living her own true love story, she wants readers to understand the beauty of imperfection and the power of creating a life filled with creativity and authenticity. She fully believes that anyone’s fantasy can become their reality.

Meggan spent 25 years reading romance novels, eight years practicing law, and the last ten years writing the best books she possibly could. She’s a creative artist, divine adventurer, a force of nature, a race car driver, a visionary and a philosopher. She lives to love her real-life hero and soul mate, Jake, and to inspire people around the world to believe in themselves and chase their dreams. She’s a hermit and a farmer on the edge of a canyon in the forgotten wilds of the Northwest and wakes up grateful for this blessed life every single day.

Meggan recently published a super-inspiring and very useful non-fiction book she co-wrote with her husband Jacob Wilson: A Creative Rebel’s Guide to Winning the Game of Life.

I was thrilled to get to talk with Meggan about her own story of creating the life of her dreams and the wisdom she learned along the way.

We covered:

  • How Meggan “pulled a pin on the grenade that was her life” and took a leap of faith toward her dreams;

  • The "most pivotal moment" on Meggan's journey to becoming a bestselling novelist - and the importance of persisting through failure;

  • Why it's helpful NOT to share your big dreams with others;

  • Meggan's unexpected "dark night of the soul" after becoming a NYT bestseller - and why that darkness turned out to be the greatest gift;

  • The crucial importance of your self-concept - "the story you tell yourself about yourself;"

  • Confronting the fear of being powerful and becoming the greatest version of yourself;

  • Why NOT following your heart and living your dreams is a disservice to humanity;

  • And much more!

Find out all about Meggan’s work on her site:

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