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The Last Honeypot Before the Goldmine

The Last Honeypot Before the Goldmine

Tony Sayers on dismantling New Age deceptions and becoming sovereign within this gangster planet soul trap

Tony Sayers is a passionate activist, v-loger, public speaker and author of five books who in 2013 started to become aware of the deeper goings-on within this World and the hidden hands that control it.

As time went by he started to learn about the metaphysical side of the deception and false New Age constructs hooking people into the 2nd layer of the Matrix. He is very experienced at removing entities and etheric implants and talks at length about these topics to help raise awareness.

I first heard Tony on the Expanding Reality podcast and was blown away by his critique of the New Age and what we think of as “spirituality” more broadly.

This episode comes with a trigger warning – if you’re invested in channelers, angels, spirit guides, chakras… prepare to have your assumptions challenged. Tony’s perspective can be confronting, and his message is not about “feeling good” but rather about uncovering core truths – which ultimately lead to freedom and sovereignty.

We discussed:

  • The 4th dimensional astral realm and the entities that live there as the root cause of what’s unfolding on earth;

  • Chakras as “implants” that make it easy for entities to lock into your energy;

  • The New Age as a deceptive cul-de-sac and false light energy grid where people get trapped;

  • How entities feed off of human energy – “this is a farm and we are the cows;”

  • Why Tony advises avoiding ALL channeled material;

  • How we can avoid getting sucked back into the soul trap after death;

  • Tony’s journey from “very vocal vegan” to carnivore;

  • And much more!

Check out the video version of our conversation here.

Find out more about Tony’s work, his books and energy clearing sessions:

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