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The Infinite Power of Love

The Infinite Power of Love

Robin Duda on purging everything that's not love and embodying our true nature

Robin Duda is a Soul Alchemist and co-founder of Sustainable Love Transformation & Training Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her work supports people to sustain self-love and health and to recreate relationships that function from the authentic nature of each person.

With Masters Degrees in both Social Work and Dance Therapy, Robin brought considerable therapeutic skills to the table even before she spent over 33 years creating the healing process called Soul Alchemy™.

I’m grateful to our mutual friend Cate Montana for introducing me to Robin and making this conversation possible. We talked about:

  • Robin's near-death experience that opened her to infinite love and initiated her into Soul Alchemy;

  • How our internal dynamic attracts our external experience - which shows us what we still need to love and integrate;

  • The "love frequency" as the true agent of healing;

  • Inter-dimensional, non-human entities that feed off our suffering - and what we can do to prevent them from getting in;

  • What Robin learned from her experience of working with survivors of Satanic cults and ritual sexual abuse;

  • The higher purpose of anger and outrage - and the danger of denying or repressing our anger;

  • Loving our fear as a prerequisite for healing our trauma;

  • And much more!

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