Apr 29 • 58M

Speaking the World Into Existence

Sol Luckman on meta-genetics, the Language of the Birds, and the power of human imagination

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Conversations to illuminate and support our awakening into the high-vibe version of the Age of Aquarius, as organic, embodied humans.
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Sol Luckman is a pioneering visual artist, award-winning novelist and humorist, and bestselling author of nonfiction books on health, spirituality, and consciousness.

His works span fiction (Snooze, Cali the Destroyer), nonfiction (Conscious Healing, Potentiate Your DNA) and humor/satire (The Angel’s Dictionary, Musings from a Small Island).

Sol, together with his partner Leigh, developed the Regenetics Method to activate DNA – and if you’re wondering what the heck that means, we get into it!

In this fascinating, in-depth, wide-ranging conversation, we cover:

  • The auto-immune disease that prompted Sol’s journey into healing and ultimately led to his work on DNA activation;

  • DNA as a multidimensional interface between physical and energetic realms – and how we can work with it for detoxification, expanding consciousness and upgrading our lives;

  • Achieving miraculous healing and transformation through “the power of positive feeling” and the human imagination;

  • Utilizing the ancient, vowel-based “Language of the Birds” to heal, reprogram and activate DNA;

  • A Gnostic perspective on the Archontic Agenda, the awakening Goddess, the Luminous Child, and the evolution of humanity into a conscious creative force;

  • And much more!

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