Sep 12, 2022 • 51M

Set the World on Fire

Renee Linnell on the beauty of being broken, the wisdom of failure, and living a bigger life

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Emily Trinkaus
Conversations to illuminate and support our awakening into the high-vibe version of the Age of Aquarius, as organic, embodied humans.
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Renee Linnell is a serial entrepreneur who has founded or co-founded five companies and has an MBA from New York University; before that she was a surf model and professional Argentine Tango dancer. Having an unorthodox childhood and being surrounded by death at a young age led her on a spiritual quest that took her all over the world, culminating in her ordination as a Buddhist monk (by a bi-polar guru with delusions of grandeur so she’s not 100% sure the ordination counts.)

What began as writing for catharsis in 2013—as she struggled to regain her sanity after being brainwashed in a Buddhist cult—turned into her first memoir, The Burn Zone (2018). She recently published a sequel, Still on Fire. Her mission is to remind people Who They Truly Are and to reignite their passion for being alive.

Reading (devouring!) Renee’s memoirs felt like communing with a soul sister, and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to talk with her.

We discuss:

  • Renee’s process of recovery and rebirth, after destroying her world during seven years in a cult;

  • Why failure is important – and how we can heal ourselves after a “spectacular failure”;

  • The power and freedom of living authentically, loving ourselves and revealing our messy humanness;

  • Navigating the world as a hyper-sensitive person, and how we can utilize sensitivity as a super-power;

  • Tips for tuning into and trusting our own inner guidance – and why people tend to override their intuition;

  • Living a bigger life, cultivating courage, and opening to magic and miracles;

  • What it means to be “spiritual” – and how to live like a saint in everyday life;

  • And much more!

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