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Becoming the Greatest Conductor of Energies Between Earth and Sky

Becoming the Greatest Conductor of Energies Between Earth and Sky

Tenasi Rama Lazar on bio-resonant farming, strengthening community, and restoring life force to the land

Tenasi Rama Lazar is a father, an entrepreneurial engineer and a bio-resonant farmer focused on building community, consciousness, food resiliency and energetic resonance. Tenasi began cultivating an alliance with the plant spirit world 22 years ago and has since been immersed in study, practice, and teaching of permaculture, organic/biodynamic farming, ethnobotany, and the soil food web.

He was an internationally renowned rock climber; a yogi and permaculture designer who founded and directed The Diamante Verde Sanctuary in Costa Rica; co-author of two plant books in Costa Rica; a founding partner of ThrivalTech LLC, a plasma-based research and development company that patented a non-thermal plasma emissions control technology that is revolutionizing the diesel motor and syn-gas production industries; founder of Mindful Earth Alliance and co-founder of the GMO-Free Political Action Committee; and founding partner of Phytonyx LLC, an international hemp seed breeding company.

I recently met Tenasi at the National Biodynamic Conference in Westminster, Colorado, where he gave a brilliant talk: “Bio-Resonance and the Evolution of Biodynamic Farming.” I felt super-inspired by his vision, his rich and varied life experience and accomplishments, his commitment to spiritual practice, and his BEING.

In this interview, we talk about:

  • Biodynamic farming as an antidote to the degradation caused by industrial agriculture;

  • The importance of nutrient-dense food for human evolution and our ability to communicate with higher worlds;

  • Practices for restoring life and fertility to the soil;

  • “Intuitive farming” and the art of tuning into the subtle energies of plants;

  • The challenge of “breaking through the matrix” of electromagnetic frequencies to connect with cosmic forces;

  • Working with electroculture to reestablish “the energetic matrix of life” and increase abundance;

  • And much more!

You’ll soon be able to find out more about Tenasi’s work at (the site is in progress!), and in the meantime you can connect with him on Facebook at Mindful Earth Farm

In the interview, Tenasi referred to the work of soil expert Elaine Ingham:

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