The Soul of the Equinox ReplayWatch now (71 min) | Astrological and visual guidance for the new season
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Dissolve Distractions & Deepen Into Your Soul's TruthListen now (33 min) | A special last quarter Moon transmission from Emily at this potent cosmic moment
The Unification With Source Through Your BodyListen now (54 min) | Dr. Heather Kristian Strang on the truth about Mary Magdalene, the divinity of the body, and co-creating the Golden Age
Opening to the Infinite Field of PossibilityListen now (59 min) | Whitney Freya on life as art, becoming unstoppable and creating from the inside out
Immersion Training for A New PurposeListen now (56 min) | Meredith Miller on the dynamics of collective abuse, the importance of self-worth, and trauma as an opportunity for awakening
The Brilliance of Aquarius: An Astro Party on the EdgeListen now (35 min) | Why Emily & Sasha decided to create the first truth and freedom astrology summit
The Outsider Who Lives In-Between WorldsListen now (70 min) | Rachel Capurso on the power of natural magic, and being a Shaman, Exile and Heretic in this Aquarian Era
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The Embodied Aquarian Age